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Interview Safety

Updated 04/24/2017

   Interviews should ONLY be conducted in:
    a)  an office building with many people outside the room
    b)  a public area such as a restaurant, hotel lobby,
         airport frequent travelers lounge, others

   Interviews should NEVER be conducted in:
    a)  in a vehicle (car, van, limo), hotel guest room or suite
    b)  on a private boat
    c)  in an area that would prevent a quick exit or may
         prevent calls for help to be heard

   It is NOT DIFFICULT to find people looking for
   employment, create a fictional company seeking
   skills they have and inviting them to an interview where the invited person
   will be focused on the interview and not raising questions about the setting.

   It is NOT DIFFICULT for a legitimate company and Interviewer to be able to
   book in advance an appropriate meeting location for a legitimate interview.

    There are people who will attempt to take advantage of unemployed people for various personal
    motivations.  Do not accept an invitation that does not look or feel right.  Job candidates should be
    able to leave a meeting at any time if they feel uncomfortable or threatened.  Do not be a victim.