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Interviewer Notes

Updated 04/22/2017

   Picture of Recruiter or Candidate?
   It is that four letter word that keeps so
   many people uneasy in business.  We
   have to make a decision, it all looks so
   good yet we fear the four letter words:
   R I S K   and   F E A R

   The fear of something going wrong is perhaps the #1 problem with recruiting.
   You do not know what you don't know yet you have to know what you don't know.

   Here are some articles regarding this awkward interview dance which is now trending
   to be a 30-minute interview versus a 60-minute interview.  Less time to learn more. 
   Know where the other person's risks are may help you answer their concerns quickly.

     8 red flags to look out for when interviewing
        |  Linkedin, Christine Wright                                                                                                                                                 04/21/2017
     Hiring a new recruit is always a risk, no matter how sure you are about your decision.
     After all, there’s only so much you can realistically gauge about a person during the
     interview process and sadly, in the long run, you may well find that the candidate isn’t
     delivering or simply doesn’t click with the team.  T
here will always be an element of
     risk when hiring, some of which are of course, unavoidable. However, some risks can
     and should be avoided at all costs. So, which red flags should you be looking out for
     when hiring new talent?