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Do They Fit You

Updated 05/29/2017


       Exploring the Role

          Get beyond the basic job description and ask questions that probe deeper into the details
          of the job, expectations, success metrics and the infrastructure that would support the role.

            1. How does this position contribute to the organization’s success?

            2. What do you hope I will accomplish in this position?

            3. What is the team structure?

            4. Can I speak to others on the team or shadow a team member before I proceed?

            5. What support would this position have?

        Are they a Fit for You?

          As much as an interview is about assessing your ability to be a culture fit, it is also about
          gathering as much information and insight into the company culture. You need to
          understand whether the company is a fit for your values,
passions and interests.

            6. What was the department’s biggest challenge last year and what did you learn from it?

            7. How much time do the owners/leaders/founders spend in the office?

            8. What do people on the team that I’d be joining do for lunch every day?

            9. What was the last big achievement that was celebrated?

            10. Does the company give back to the community? In what ways?

            11. What continuing learning opportunities do you have for your employees?


        Salary Structure and Compensation Details

          During an interview is the perfect time to ask informed and important questions about
          compensation. No, it’s not presumptive or rude; in fact, it’s an important factor in your
          decision-making process.

            12. What is the salary range for this role?

            13. Besides the base pay, what other benefits are negotiable?

            14. What’s the outlook for salary raises or promotions?

            15. What metrics do you use to evaluate the success of your employees?

            16. Can I get the salary offer in writing?

            17. If I don’t choose stock options, would there be an opportunity for higher wage
                  compensation or other benefits?

            18. What percentage of the company’s stock do these options make up?

            19. What happens to my stock options if the company is acquired?

     These days, healthcare is a hot topic of conversation. And while no one can predict what
     will happen on a federal government level, it’s vital to get specifics on the health insurance
     package offered by your potential employer. This is especially important if you have health
     challenges, family dependents or are planning to start a family.

            20. Does the company offer a HMO or PPO or both?

            21. What is the waiting period before the plan kicks in?

            22. Do you have a summary of health insurance plans you’re offering?

            23. Is there a monthly premium? What about deductibles?

     Day-to-Day Responsibilities

        Drill down on the everyday tasks and expectations for the job you’re applying to. These
        questions are perfect to ask your potential manager or another leader on the team.

            24. Tell me about the typical day-to-day of this position.

            25. What are the team’s work hours? Are there any specific requirements for time in the office?

            26. Do employees control the structure of their goals and tasks?

            27. How does management deliver feedback to employees?

     Future Opportunities

        From learning labs to formal mentorship programs, get a sense of what the company
        offers in the way professional growth and development opportunities. After all, if you
        proceed with this company, you want to know that you have a future there and
        opportunities to be challenged.

            28. Do you have a formal mentorship program or are there mentors available?

            29. How have you had the ability to grow in your role?

            30. What does “climbing the ladder” look like at this company? Is there a clear path of ascension?

      Remember to stay positive throughout the job search and ask as many questions as are necessary
      for you to get to find a job you love.