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Don't Say This

Updated 04/19/2017

    The difference between talking
    intelligently and talking can be
    the difference between having
    had an interview and getting a

    Articles included below.

    First step: Control your message!

  • Bad Comments/Remarks about Prior Job Role or Employer
    Even if Satan was the CEO, don't complain or make any negative statements or commentary in these two very sensitive areas.  Do not bring in interview into a field of horrors as you may be seen as a "carrier" of this "infection" into their organization.  Employers NEED people with positive attitudes and a "will do it" mental focus.

    Those interviewing you have little to no history on you and the largest aspect of your past career is complaining?  Are you overly dramatic or are there other issues inside your head?  Like the airlines, they want people with no baggage.  You are trying to build a relationship, so when you date someone do you start discussing all of your failures in life to impress them?  Negative emotions are such a "sore spot" you will not be asked what happened as you may no longer be a candidate.

  • Basic Company Knowledge Unknown
    If an interviewer asks what the 10-year trend of the company stock price has been and the outlook of market analysists are for the company, they will be blown away if the interviewee has a good answer.  The exact answer will amaze them.

    Walk in and you can't name any product or service they offer, where the Corporate Offices are, where the goods and services are used at or to achieve ... you may not be someone they want sweeping the office driveway.

    Should you spend time discussing this?  NO!  Focus on positioning your strengths versus their stated needs and your accomplishments.  If you don't know you lack any knowledge of the company, don't showcase ignorance.

  • Benefits and Perks
    In a world where a planned 60-minute interview quickly is slashed to 30 minutes due to busy schedules is, unfortunately, becoming a trend versus an exception.
    Use your time well which means not engaging in discussions about what the company can do for you but what the needed things you can do for them.  Getting into specific paid Holidays, paid vacation days, "free stuff", days you can leave
    early, extra pay for nights or weekends or holidays or emergencies, etc., etc.

    Takers should not apply as companies need contributors.  Rewards and recognition for efforts or contributions above and beyond the call of duty are often of greater valuable. 

  • Beautiful Office Staff
    In one statement you revealed your focus if hired.  It is unlikely you applied to a modeling agency and thus are not likely to survive this interview.

  • Committment
    People are assigned to Teams which are part of Groups which are part of larger organizational structures which all depend upon each other to successfully meet objectives and timelines.  If you are predictable about being unpredictable, about not being on time with deliverables or showing up for work, this will not give those in the room any reason for selecting you for the position.

  • Do you have any children or grandchildren?
    If you are looking for a Babysitter position, this could be a legitimate question. Outside of that, you have just suggested those attending your interview are old.
    You could go one step further and comment how out-of-style their clothing is and if they remember when they bought their clothing.

  • Employer Changes
    Discussing why you change jobs often due to not being the right fit for a position or are not challenge enough is not a statement a good candidate makes to their interviewer(s).

    They have zero insight into where you passions reside or what will be challenging to you but not so much you shut down.  How will they know the roll being considered for you will meet the needs you have that you don't know yourself?

    Managers dream of employees who know that they want, keeps team members and management "in the loop", how to get things done, creates solutions, has ideas, can remove roadblocks, work with nearly anyone and totally enjoy what they achieve with others, and don't "bad mouth" things when they are unhappy or not feeling well.

  • I'm a Hard Worker
    Some hard workers may actually work 30 of their 40 hour week.  Some hard workers will actually go above the call of duty in creating innovative solutions or helping other teams while others will have spent time in some location doing something unknown.  Such statements will invite questions about what you did and how many people can validate that as part of a background check.  Hard workers do not boast about their hours but can articulate their accomplishments.

  • I'm The Guru
    So often younger workers proclaim great knowledge and expertise in areas with so little time to have developed such expertise or acquire the knowledge.  Do not build your own cage during an interview or where you can not prepared to prove it substantially often before people who are very knowledgeable with a good nose. 

  • Leadership
    "I'm such a great leader that I work alone."  This extraordinary statement will help ensure you are not being considered.  Leadership is about providing direction, building energy and confidence in their team(s), coaching them through challenges, promoting self-development of skills and expertise.  Working alone is a big zero.

  • No.  I don't have any questions.
    Think BIG RED FLAG.  This raises questions about their research or knowledge of the company, of their interests or current activities they may be engaged in.  It shows no curiosity into the manager and how they handle their teams or the skills of their team members.  If you were interested in the job ... your show just passed.

  • Profanity
    Communications skills are important in most job roles along with professionalism, in one word you can demonstrate a critical lack of both.

  • Small within Big
    In an Intrepreneurial business team, the company created a two person business unit with full Corporate support to profitably grow our business unit.  This is so unconventional but highly successful most don't understand it.  The idea of starting small to grow is historical.  A person who works in a small group within a large company is not an Intrepreneurial or Startup.  Advocating your small team was like a Startup demonstrates you know the "Buzz word" but not the effort required and thus have no Startup experience.  Open mouth ... shoot foot.

  • Social Media Influencer
    A label is a wonderful marketing tool until people examine your work product and find "garbage" or old material with nothing new.  This is not an "Influencer" as there is nothing innovative and nothing current.  It is a pastime activity of marginal value not a career or reputation building activity.

  • You Can Trust Me
    Unless your Recommendations indicating a high level of Trust and Ethical conduct this is not a smart move for an Interview.  Trust is built over years not minutes and you don't want to leave any open questions about yourself or your character.

  • Your Role
    There is no such thing as a global standardized Role Description so asking for insight into the position being offered is legitimate.  Yet be careful how you ask the question as you should have insight prior to submitting your Resume.

    In today's job market, people need to be highly flexible and move quickly to meet competitive pressures.  Showing a reluctance to grow beyond current knowledge, developing new skills or learning or creating new processes will not be well received.

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