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Interview Mistakes

Updated 06/11/2017


      3 Biggest Interview Mistakes & How to Avoid Them  |                      09/00/2016
         -  Dishonesty
         -  Arrogance
         -  C

      The common interview mistakes you need to avoid |  LinkedIn, Alex Shteingardt                05/31/2017
      Mistakes in the interview room are commonplace; after all, we’re all human. No one
      has a perfect interview technique, and, of course, some mistakes are inevitable. However,
      as part of your interview preparation, it’s vital that understand what the most common
      interview mistakes are, in order to avoid making these six yourself:

      Ten Interview Mistakes You Won't Recover From  |  Forbes, Liz Ryan                                      03/09/2017
You must research an employer before your first job interview and conduct more
      research before each subsequent interview.

          |  Forbes, Liz Ryan                                                                                                                                                               01/19/2017
      The worst mistake you can make at a job interview is not to displease your interview with
      a non-standard answer to a question, answer a question badly or even make a social error.
      The worst -- and most common -- interview mistake you can make is to be a forgettable
applicant, and to leave the building without leaving any impression whatsoever on your

        The Fatal Interview Mistake 90% Of Job Seekers Make  |  Forbes, Liz Ryan                        04/22/2016
A job interview is not a pass/fail activity. Your goal is to get stronger with every
      interview. In this context, what does "getting stronger" mean?  
Getting stronger
      at job interviewing means becoming more aware of yourself and the interviewer,
      and the company's current situation and its needs. Focus on one word: relevance.

      Don't Give It All Away At The Job Interview  |  Forbes, Liz Ryan                                                   03/12/2017
        Giving details on how you solved a tough problem may get you smiles from the room
      and hand them the solution their problem without out.  Don't give it all away!

      DO NOT DISCUSS ...
         -  How this job would be a stepping stone to where you really want to be
             Avoid positioning yourself as being more important than the job being

         -  I passionately did not like my last employer
                Even if this is true, and they stepped well over legal lines, you hurt
             yourself professionally even if you have 100 people saying the same.

         -  So how does this vacation and time off work
             Stay away from break times, time for lunch, holidays, paid sick days,
             personal use days, and anything else that gets you paid for doing
             something other than profiting the company.