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Interview Prep

Updated 03/07/2017


   When you're going in for the big battle, plan
   think through possibilities, what is not going
   to work well and remember, in the end,

   7-Step Interview Prep Plan 
  • Research the organization. This will help you answer questions — and stand out
    from less-prepared candidates. ...
  • Compare your skills and qualifications to the job requirements. ...
  • Prepare responses. ...
  • Plan what to wear. ...
  • Plan what to bring. ...
  • Pay attention to non-verbal communication. ...
  • Follow up.


     7 Tips to Improve Your Prospects in an Interview  |  Inc., Peter Economy
     No matter how good your people skills may be, interviews are always a stressful time.
     You're meeting a group of people you're unfamiliar with; you don't know what they like
     or what they're looking for, no matter how much you prepare.

     However, these 7 tips will help you impress your interviewers--regardless of who they
     are--improving your chances of landing the job you want.

    The Most Effective 30-60-90 Day Plan for Job Interviews  |  LinkedIn, Peggy I McKee    01/30/2017
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