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Updated 03/19/2017

    In a Job Promotion Interview, the company already has
   all your information, your performance reviews, any
   reprimands or rewards/recognitions, prior promotions,
   and the link.  Promotional Interviews are often for a job
   promotion OR a different job with the same employer.

   Not all companies require this if for a workgroup level
   promotion, but if a different manager is involved, you
   may be requested to participate in this interview. 


   1.  You will have the potential opportunity to show case your skills for the
        new position while in your current job.  This allows management to  better
        assess your true abilities versus relying on a Resume.

   2.  You MAY encounter external candidates for this position.  Leverage your
        inside knowledge of the company, processes and people.  You may find the
        internal candidate interview to be more challenging because of this advantage.

   3.  Whether it is for a lateral job change or a promotion inside the company,
        you will be expected to confirm to company policies and guidelines.  You may
        need to have a conversation with HR on what those differences will be as your
        external competitors will have an advantage in only needing to know how to
        get the job as a potential new hire.

        Assume a new Resume with Cover Letter may be required so start early!