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Recruiter Involved

Updated 03/18/2017

      YOU WANT TO: 

   1.  Call your Recruiter AFTER the Interview
        They are part of your team so let them know how things went during the
        interview ... did it go well, so-so, badly or do you feel it was a Grand Slam?
        The Recruiter often does NOT know the customer well, that is handled by
        the Account Representative but the Recruiter and Account Representative
        should be working closely together. If you have any questions about the
        roll or company, now is the time to ask.

        Ask the Recruiter provide any feedback and drop you perodic notes as this
        journey progresses. Some don't like to share bad news like you are not in
        consideration anymore or they cancelled the position. So you go on waiting
        for a dead horse to arise. Remember that when working with this Recruiter.

   2.  Thank You's
        You have a name and an address so send a Thank You card. Thank them for
        the opportunity and consideration for their interesting position. Mention
        something that was a strong point for you and something you did not bring
        up to further your position with them.  

        You can ask the Recruiter about sending an e-mail but that often is a dead
        request. Head Hunters want to control the stage and you are a potential
        loose cannon.

   3.  Don't Connect on Linkedin
        They will not accept unless your hired. They will not respond if you use the
        invite to ask a question. Some people on Linkedin view being linked some
        where like being married versus a casual meeting.

   4.  Keep Your Records Updated
        Keep a log of everything you do by day for each Resume you submit for. Log
        e-mails, phone calls, people introductions, visits, etc. You want to have a
        good profile to see what shows promise and what looks like it's Dead On
        Arrival. This also helps you keep your Recruiter informing you. Once a week
        is too much.  Once every two weeks is fair.

        Also keep on your computer a master folder for your Job Search with a
        subfolder for each company and a sub-subfolder for each position. Keep any
        correspondance, job descriptions, Resumes, Covers letters there for future
        reference. If you suddently get an interview invitation you WANT to have
        copies of the Resume that you actually sent to them. Otherwise you look
        real dumb and they become frustrated.

   5.  Don't Cancel your Job Search
        Even when you get an offer and start, wierd things can happen in that first
        30 to 90 days. Ever seen your manager in a "Bozo" Costume in the office?
        Ever been told if your not using something on your desk it must be placed
        inside your desk? Culture is the #1 reason people resign and often you can
        not get a real feel for the culture until it's too late. This is why Networking
        is so important!  Don't stop the search for at least 90 days. Longer if you
        are wondering about your future there to insure it is not just new person
        jitters. And if you're changing companies, don't slack off as you may find
        the current job is looking better every day. Keep the "Bird in the hand".

   6.  Never Say Goodbye to the Employer
        There are cases where a person leaves or does not work out in the first 30 to
        90 days. Then the hiring manager has a "black eye" for a bad hire and needs
        to get a replacement quick. What's their best option? Call the #2 candidate!
        Yes, this does actually happen. Some companies will allow the Manager to
        pick-up where they left the process.  Others will require a full 100% restart
        of the entire process. But if were the #2 choice, expect your involvement to
        be less pressured because you know each other. Just watch out for the
        company deciding to cancel it because the Fiscal Year it coming up and they
        want to cut costs quickly.

        If they loved you once, the love may remain so stay in touch via e-mail and
        other means. Make sure you have their contact information to insure the
        communication can remain open!