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Technical Interviews

Updated 06/13/2017

In Junior High School I asked my Science teacher how long a requested research paper needed to be.   The very attractive, blonde, blue eyed and very talented recent college graduate simply responded "It's like a girl's skirt; 
long enough to cover the subject but short enough to keep it interesting."

This guidance from Ms. Walls was very beneficial, but now not necessarily politically correct.  However the concept does apply well to technical questions during interviews and served me well in many other appropriate matters.

     How to Ace Your Technical Interview  |  Forbes, TheMuse                                                                 04/10/2013
     Whether you’ve been programming since your pajamas had feet on them or you’re facing
     down the barrel of your first post-school job hunt, the technical interview can be a
     terrifying hurdle between you and your dream job.

     How to Answer Technical Interview Questions  |, Kate Matsudria                             02/05/2015
     For most of us, technical interviews are the worst part of getting a new job: Not only does
     the interviewer ask challenging questions, but sometimes those questions don’t even make
     sense in the context of the job you want.

    How to Prepare for (and Ace) the Technical Interview  |  CIO, Rich Hein                              08/27/2013
     As developers and IT pros you need to do all the things everyone else does to prepare for
     a job interview such as update and focus your resume as well as work on your
     communication and presentation skills. However, you also have the technical interview to
     deal with.
     The good news is if you make it this far in the interview process, you've likely got a good
     shot at the position. How you prepare for this (or not prepare for this) can cost you the job.
     We spoke with CEOs, recruiters and other industry experts who agree you simply can't just
     go in there and muddle your way through it. You've got to prepare in a number of ways.