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What Youre Like

Updated 04/22/2017

   Beyond your skills, ability to think fast and well, ability to jump
   over buildings in a single jump (or less is preferred), there is
   one nagging question every interviewer is dying to know ....

Tell me, what you are REALLY LIKE?

   4 Behavioral Interview Questions That Reveal What a Job Candidate Is Really Like
|  Inc., Jeff Hayden, Contributing Editor
    Conduct enough job interviews and it feels like some of the candidates have tried to
    "hack" the most common interview questions. Their answers seem a little too polished,
    a little too rehearsed, and a lot insincere.  
That's the problem with only asking opinion-based
    job interview questions. (Is there really a good answer to a question like, "What do you feel
    is your biggest weakness?") Many candidates come prepared to answer general questions
    about teamwork, initiative, interpersonal skills, and leadership.