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  Having all the right answers is essential and is a
  goal few achieve. There are too many complex,
  too many obscure and too many really dumb and
  meaningless questions that are asked. So what is
  a candidate to do? KNOW THYSELF REAL GOOD!

  Those who are skilled, confident and composed do well.
  If a person is overconfident, they present as being a person who will not fit well in
  most organizations. If they present in a shy or timid manner, they may not be a good
  fit. So how should a person present themselves? As themselves and hope for a good
  interviewer who reads that. 

  Companies know that the "fit" to the company is one of the top reasons people leave
  a company. The other reason: their Manager.

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A broad selection of questions organized by area with links to provide suggested
responses. Areas provided include (and each area is a hyperlink within the article):
  -  Most Frequently Asked Questions
  -  Interview Questions About You
  -  Questions about Leaving Your Job
  -  Interview Questions About Salary
  -  Questions About Qualifications
  -  Questions About Job Performance
  -  Interview Questions About Work History
  -  Questions About Management and Teamwork
  -  Questions About Why You Should be Hired
  -  Interview Questions about the New Job and the Company
  -  Interview Questions about the Future
  -  Behavioral Interview Questions
  -  Interview Questions Employers Should NOT Ask
  -  Phone Job Interview Questions
  -  Interview Questions to Ask

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         - giving applicant big bear hug
         - touch interviewee on the head when offering the job
         - keep the interview going when no one else is in the office
         - outdoor interview during a hot day
         - asking interview to go for a drink after the interview


Questions about:
-  appearance like that of a Playboy bunny
-  babysitting for children of any age
-  being a parent
-  being cute
-  childcare questions or anything in that line
-  children or any question about them including crying
-  comments about advancing your career later on
-  comments about you not being long term employee candidate
-  country of origin or any related question
-  dating anyone
-  handling job and kids when husband leaves on trips/assignments
-  husband or wife feelings about relocating for work
-  kids or any question about them
-  marriage or any related question
-  military spouse related questions
-  pick up their children from school
-  pregnancy or any directly related question
-  questions about what you lived on while unemployed
-  questions about length of unemployment
-  questions about people you met in the interview
-  questions about staying late to shut down office lights
-  questions about when they will retire
-  questions about working for a younger manager
-  religious question of any type
-  residence information during interview
-  work hours and impact on marriage
-  young enough to be one of their children
-  your age


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This predictable question is generally asked near the end of the interview as it
provides (a) insight into knowledge of their strengths and (b) acknowledges their
areas for improvement and what they are doing about this.

A good approach in advance of the intervview is to ask yourself "What would I have done better and how?"  This self performance evaluation can help you control the outflows of your energies that are likely to wreck you from your ultimate destiny.

Those who do not know their weaknesses or know but are not doing anything about it are not strong candidates for several reasons.  Those who know and are taking action are strong candidates provided their their plans are credible.  Those saying "I'm reading a new book but I can't remember the title or author" may be credible but if they cannot discuss the book's strengths or other attributes, credibility diminishes quickly.

Think of areas you could or would like to be better at, why you feel that way, and
what steps will help you build these skills even if just being on projects where these
can be developed working with those with those skill sets.  Free online learning is
available from global sources so explore that is available and leverage it by actually
learning and showing your new skills to build greater opportunities for yourself!

Frequent Opening Questions, see Liz Ryan's article for additional insight.