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Leaving Statement

Update: 02/05/2017

   Leaving statements offer a reason why did you leave your last great job.
   Four possible problems:
     1) you are being baited to explain why they fire or drive off people often
     2) you discovered it was not the job discussed and was horrible
     3) they person you interviewed left the company the following week
     4) you have no idea about this question and stumble into a very bad reply

    The importance here is to properly describe your reason(s) for separation
   whether it was voluntary or involuntary.

    One of the classic situations where this question arises is during a new job interview.
    Normally, this question is driven by the desire to understand the following:
       1.  Departure for the Right Reasons
            Are you a good, solid and reliable person or flakey, impuslive and flighty?
            Did you receive an alternate job offer or are your dreams changing?
            Will you be a stable, responsible, loyal and reasonable employee if we hire you?

            Reasons you can offer, if legitimate:
              a)  Were you underutilized or unappreciated?
              b)  Others given or taking credit for ideas and effort you undertood?
              c)  Are you overimpressed with yourself and not treated as a Super Hero?
              d)  Did you really "blow the doors off" with meaningful contributions?
              e)  Did you outgrow or outperform your job position and get frustrated?
              f)  Did your ego outgrow or outperform your job position and get frustrated?

        2.   Conditions under which you left:
              Are these legitimate reasons.  No one wants to hire a malcontent.
              a)  Were you asked to leave or was this performance or integrity issues
              b)  Was it due to layoffs, mergers or other non-performance related issues

        3.   Did you remain a professional?
              Are you still on good terms or are you "persona non gratis" or black listed?
              Were you escorted out by a security officer?  Were they armed?
              This, unfortunately, appears to be a growing trend as leverage against an
              employee who is being separated along with contentions if misconduct in
              a favoritism towards a competing vendor potentially hurting the employer.
              While it can never be substantiated, the story alone, spoken during private
              conversations between employers will defame and damage your career.
              If you are at a "bad company" anticipate they will engage an armed guard with
              the argument you were combative, threatening and exhibiting hostile intent
              against the individuals and the company.  This is called just cause.  It may be
              fully fabricated but it is you against all of them.  Tape Record the session to
              document what was said.  Anticipate the tape recorder to be seized as an
              illegal recording device and erased.  Bad companies will always be bad.

              Best outcome: your former manager is one of your resources.
              Worst outcome: the company is out to bury you and protect themselves and
              no one who was "in the know" will step forward even if they left the company.

    One web-based company provides a reference web page with free content:
              Jeff & Mike's VIP Resources Page