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Updated 05/23/2017

   Interviewers have yet to see the perfect candidate.
   Everyone has a "weak link" in their many capabilities.

   The question, when asked "What are your weaknesses"
   you have a credible response that does not start with
   and end with how bad your "weak link" is or how many
   you actually have.

     Crush These Common Job Interview Questions  |  Forbes, LearnVest                                       02/23/2017
     Every time you head into a job interview, you know you'll be hit with them: those cliché,
      tricky-to-answer questions hiring managers seem to love to ask. (Does “What is your
      greatest weakness?” ring a bell?)
Instead of getting stuck squirming in your chair while trying to think of an answer, be
      ready with smart replies that reveal your strengths and why you're the best applicant for
      the gig. Here's how to craft fresh, personalized answers to the most painfully tedious
      questions—and propel yourself one step closer to a callback.

    How to Interview Addressing Your Weaknesses (1:58)  |  Forbes, Kathryn Dill                                      2015
     In under 2 MINUTES you learn how to present your weaknesses by telling the truth. They
     Interviewers are not perfect and they know they are not either. The key to this predictable
     question is being honest and explaining what you have done about this with examples.