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Why did you leave?

Updated 05/21/2017

   Sometimes a job or a manager are no longer worth it.

   Whether it is personality, inability to manage, no input,
   inappropriate conduct, blatant favoritism, no guidance,
   or just being inept, you had to leave a bad situation.

   So... how will you answer the question about your
   departure from this company or manager or team?

   How Do You Answer the Question: Why Do You Want To Leave Your Job?
                                                                                                    |  Forbes, Liz Ryan                                                                     05/10/2017
Your frustration with your manager will begin to diminish, at first imperceptibly, when you
    turn your focus away from your feelings toward her and concentrate on your next opportunity.
    You will still do your job capably, of course, but you will not put your emotional energy into
    your job. Your current situation will bother you less and less as you see your future — yourself
    in your new job, that is — more clearly.  
    It is very frustrating to feel trapped. Little by little as you go on more interviews it will become
    obvious that you are very employable and that the right job for you (not necessarily the first
    job offer you get) will show up before long.