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Tell Me About You

Updated 08/13/2017

   If you prepare for this frequently asked question, you were given a gift.

  This "icebreaker" question affords the interviewers time to get organized while it
  affords you an opportunity to highlight your strengths per the Job Description. Do not
  fall into an unintended trap of asking "What do you want to know?" That response, in
  and of itself, can disqualify you as an unprepared and weak applicant.

  First: the Interviewer is not wanting to be your "best bud" ... they are there to assess
  you against what they need in their new hire. Few jobs include requirements for 
  expertise in fishing, bowling, kite flying, where you lived and other irrelevant areas
  to the job.

  Focus on the Job Description. Focus on how well you fit into teams and compliment
  their success to help the company and their mission. Sell what the buyer is buying.
  This is your 2 to 3 minute "preview" of your professional life. Cover points that will
  draw their attention and interest for additional insight to their needs.

  Sell your most recent accomplishments; there will be time if they are interested in
  on additional accomplishments later. The perfect world is where the interviewers
  loose track of time and push back the next interview. Remember this is not intended
  to be a full discussion but more of the "teaser" or pre-view to grab their attention and
  imagination of what you can do for them.


  Build a list of your strengths.  Look for common skills or abilities between the jobs
  you are interested in as your primary targets for excellence.
Refine the wording to
  bring high impact including keywords.
If you can construct your message well, you
  can set the stage for questions you most want to answer to land your next job.

  Next, test drive your message. Video record you giving your message and see how
  well you do or areas you need to refine. People are often shocked at how poorly they
  looked the first few times. They they are amazed at their progress. ALWAYS keep your
  first video to reinforce you are or are not making progress as it can drive you to further
  improvement either way.