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Tough Questions

Updated 03/25/2017


   Tell me about what you did not like about your past or current employer?
    The hidden question is "Jobs are not always easy to find. What pushed you to the point you
    wanted to leave this employer?"  IF you like you job you don't start a job search. This is an
    effort to determine if you expect too much from an employer or manager.

   Share with me what your worst manager you ever had was like.
    This also seeks to obtain your perspective of what a manager should be to you. Is this a
    personality issue, a management style issue or something else that drove you to look around?

    Tell me about the job you least liked?
    This is to determine what you do not want to be doing. It is also a probe to see how you may
    have attempted to resolve the problem. Put another way, when you see a problem, do you
    become proactive to fix things or do you "sit and stew" about it?

    Tell me wy you are better than any other person for this job?
     Is your ego balanced by your humility? Do you have a grasp of what is going on around you
     and who skillfully and articulate you can be in your answer? Or do you start "throwing people
     under the bus"?

     Why were you fired?
     If you were terminated, be prepared to objectively share what happened and be accountable
     for your actions. Blaming and explaining your way out of any wrongdoing will result in your
     application being dismissed.

     What are your weaknesses?
     Everyone has flaws and weaknesses. Not knowing what these indicate you are not
     self-aware enough to grow on the job. You need to discuss you are addressing these
     weaknesses and the need to always be improving and expanding your professional skills.

     Tell me about a difficult person you had to work with?
     This reflects inward as to what type of person you are. The question seeks to identify the
     type of person you will struggle with in collaborative efforts or whether you find ways to
     work with others. You will encounter many types of people, being a team is critical.

     What you way will be important however your non-verbal communications will
     be of greater importance to the interviewer. Your body language, facial
     expressions, hand gestures, eye contact, voice, position in the chair will say far
     more than your verbal statements will.