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Updated 10/12/2016

   Introductions, whether to one or many people, is
  a necessity of business relationships whether you
  or someone else makes the introduction.

  Here are tips and good information regarding how
  you can improve this important event to make a
  strong impress and be remembered afterwards.

     1.  Don't steal your own thunder
          When you join a group, look around and simply state your name.  None of this
          "Hello everyone.  My name is Roger Rabbit."  Just look people in the eye to make
          a stronger impression, state your name, and offer your business handshake.  This
          is different, it shows confidence and assertiveness and leaves a greater impact
          making you more memorable in a good way.

     2.  Don't start rolling your commercial
          People who are known don't need to say too much about themselves.  Leverage
          that.  Be something of a mystery by asking about them, their career and their
          professional goals.  This helps you to learn more about them, you remain a
          mystery to them and you come across likable to the group.

          Listening creates an understanding opportunity to learn the other person's
          interests, priorities and challenges.  Use this to later address what the person
          shared and better demonstrate your value.

          Leaving the others listening builds curiosity in who you are.  Keeping them
          wanting more information strengthens their attention span and curiosity.  If you
          start with your name and title, the initial attraction to you has now faded.  And
          by drawing them into your talk then listening to them makes you likable as
          people want to be heard, understood and appreciated.

          Listen to them.  Look at them.  Don't become distracted while listening.