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Updated 05/08/2017

  The problem with layoffs is they are not always
  needed, not always impacting the people who are
  under or not performing and sometimes are just
  a blind slashing of names on lists despite those
  being cut were generating profitable revenue.

  Here are some things to consider going forward:

   Ten Warning Signs There Are Layoffs Coming  |  Linkedin, Liz Ryan                                           05/07/2017
Urgent closed-door meetings are a dead giveaway that something is not as it should
    be in your company.  [Sometimes meetings will be held off-site to keep things quiet.]
    Apart from the urgent meetings, you'll be able to tell how healthy or sick the company
    is by watching and listening to your managers.  If you pay attention, you'll be able to
    tell if they are relaxed or on edge.