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Updated 02/25/2017

   Loyalty (noun)
        the state or quality, of the instance of being loyal; faithfulness to
        commitments or obligations.  A lifestyle.

The Limits of Loyalty  |  Linkedin, Angela Copeland                                                                                      04/19/2017
Loyalty is an important quality. It’s what helps bind friendships and loved ones. It’s what
holds teams together. But, dare I say it – there are limits to loyalty.
Many of us were taught to be loyal to our companies. To some degree, this makes a lot of
sense. We should all be truthful. We should keep trade secrets private. And, we should put
in an honest day’s work when we’re there. We have a duty to be great employees each and
every day.

To Get Loyal Customer, Start with Loyal Employees  |  Linkedin, Colin Shaw                   02/23/2017
Hotel giant Hilton recently dropped the H from its rewards program, replacing the
linguistically puzzling Hilton HHonors with an easier to pronounce version, Hilton Honors.
The change is more than cosmetic. The new rewards program will be the first in the industry
to allow members to combine points and money for a hotel visit. Members can also combine
points with friends or family members for free, or use points to buy things on
And frequent travelers will be able to put their elite membership status on hold rather than
lose it when they take a break from travel.