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Manager Mistakes

Updated 04/05/2017

   Normally in this space, an image would be presented for the section topic.  The
   challenge for this topic is the potential mistakes and impacts are so broad that it was
   inappropriate to post a picture consolidating it all with the word "OOPS!".  We are all
   human and prone to mistakes no matter best intents or efforts and sometimes those
   reporting to a manager overlook that.  This section is to achieve two primary goals:
   an awareness of managers for potential mistakes and to employees to understand
   and to learn from as potential future managers.  If we can achieve those, more
   people will find their jobs enjoyable and thrive!

   4 Common Mistakes New Managers Can Avoid  |  Inc, Allen Lau
   At a fast-growing company, it's easy to find yourself thrust into a managerial role
    without a fully developed skill set. It's the reason so many new managers struggle
    to find their footing in leadership roles that frequently evolve.  
As a CEO with more
    than 20 years of managing people under my belt, I've made more than a few mistakes.
    I've also witnessed a multitude of new managers make some of their own. If you're
    new to managing a person or a team, you should avoid these four common mistakes

   6 Honest Mistakes That Can Get You Fired  |  Linkedin, Dr. Travis Bradberry                                   04/03/2017
   There are so many things that can get good, hard-working people fired. Honest
   mistakes often carry hard-hitting consequences. A recent study from the ePolicy
   Institute surveyed more than 300 companies and found that a third of them have
   fired employees for the misuse of company technology.
Companies are so worried
   about employee abuse of technology that 45% of those surveyed admitted that they
   track employee technology use (some all the way down to the keystroke), yet only
   two US states require employers to notify employees when they’re monitoring them.

   SIDE NOTE: Courts have ruled anything involving property owned by the company may
                     be reviewed by the company. If the company funds any of the following
                     they have the right to inspect what their environment was used for:
                      a) anything in their data centers
                      b) desktop computers to tablets, to laptops, to mobile phones
                      c) connections of any time: wireless, wired, fiber optic, laser, UV, infared
                      d) printers, fax, and copy machines
                    EXAMPLE:  A friend texts you about a get together at 5:30 PM tonight at a
                                     local bar on your cell phone. The message comes across as a
                                     wireless message from your service provider.  What you did not
                                     know is the message is routed to a company repeater to create
                                     a stronger communications signal within their building and thus
                                     they have a right to inspect that message. Without the repeater
                                     you would not have received that message due to the density
                                     of the building and signal blocking construction in the building.