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Networking FEAR

Updated 06/21/2017

Over the years, studies have always
revealed two consistent high score
questions on the findings:
  1. People don't like to network
  2. People dislike unemployment
Networking is one of the best and
quickest approach, when done
well, to resolving both dislikes.
Meet people who can help your cause!                  (click on image to enlarge)

         4 ways to overcome networking fears  |, Cathy Paper                                   02/06/2017 
           Everyone has networking fears. Anyone who says they have never experienced a
           brief moment of networking fear is either a liar or so sure of themselves they must
           be tough to take in conversation. 
Networking in business pushes people to make
           new connections, 
introduce themselves in forced settings, and quickly get to know
one another. If done incorrectly, networking or relationship building can be an
           uncomfortable experience filled with awkward silences, 
glances around the room,
           and at worst, rejection and the dreaded 

           6 People You MUST have In Your Network to Succeed  |  Inc., John Eades
Everybody loves an entrepreneurial success story a la Steve Jobs, Elon Musk,
           Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Arianna Huffington, Mark Cuban, and the like.  
Truth be told,
           each one of those people would be the first to tell you they didn't get where they
           are today without certain types of people in their lives.  T
here are six types of
           people every entrepreneur must have in his or her life to have a chance of achieving