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Updated 05/17/2017

     When in doubt, you are OVERQUALIFIED.

     Companies want to cut costs, create stronger
     teams, create new and innovative ideas so they
     label people as OVERQUALIFIED.

     It's time to turn some tables.  These articles may
     give your some super powers to achieve it!

   3 Powerful Things You Need To Do To Stop Hearing, “You're Overqualified.”
       -  Linkedin, Jewel Bracy DeMaio                                                                                                                                            05/17/2017
Age discrimination is a formidable obstacle to getting a job. You get sick to death of
    applying, applying, applying to companies that say they want experience, but when you
    showcase your 25 years or more, all you hear back (if you hear anything) is that you’re
    overqualified. Worse, any responses you might manage to get are mismatched, at a lower
    job title level, and definitely a lower salary than you want at this time in your career.