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Performance Review

Updated 05/13/2017

   The news is more articles advocate that
  Performance Reviews come to an end.
  The bad news is the advocates do not
  have any say in the matter.

  What is true is that feedback on the work
  performed needs to happen in a factual
  reference in a two-way conversation to
  define means of improvement for both

          |, Investing, Eric Jackson                                                                                                                                    01/09/2012
        In the world of organizational life, there's no single discussion that causes so much fear and
      dread on the boss's side and so much anger and resentment on the direct report's side than
      the performance review.

     10 Tips for Effective Performance Reviews
         |, Susan M. Heathfield                                                                                                                                 04/13/2017
     Are you interested in tips about how to make performance reviews successful in your
     organization? While performance review methods and approaches differ from organization
     to organization, universal principles about how to talk with an employee about his or her
     performance exist.
Whether it’s a performance review, a salary adjustment meeting, or the implementation of
     a performance improvement plan (PIP), these tips will help you more confidently lead the

         |, John Rossheim
Looking to win a job promotion or get a raise this year? Your most powerful tool may well
      be your performance review. But we’re not talking about the dead-letter document that
     usually concludes your review process with a thud. Because if you really want to go for the
     gold, you’ve got to run an all-out campaign that commences before the performance-review
     process begins -- and never ends.

     How to Get the Most From Your Performance Review
 |, Dawn Rosenberg Mckay                                                                                                                           03/10/2017
Do you remember the feeling you got in the pit of your stomach when it came time for your
     teacher to hand out report cards? It didn't matter whether you were expecting a good one or
     a bad one. You just couldn't be entirely sure of what he or she thought of your work until
     you saw it. The same is true of your annual performance review from your employer. Even if
     you are confident you are doing a good job, it may still stress you out.
     After all, it can determine the future of your job.

     How to Give a Performance Review of an Employee
     Performance reviews are among the most valuable resources in a manager’s toolbox, yet
     many managers don’t know how to give a performance review of an employee. Here are
     10 do's and don'ts to help you create a positive and productive experience.
[12 Step process outlined in this article with illustrations.]

     Performance reviews aren’t just once a year anymore — now they’re all the time
    |  Ladders, Jane Burnet
The dreaded, looming, once-a-year performance review is becoming a thing of the past.
     Now performance reviews are an everyday thing. 
An article in The Wall Street Journal calls it:
     “The Never-Ending Performance Review.” Businesses, it seems, are shaking up the evaluation
     process by checking in more — at different times and by using technology. 
As people’s
     responsibilities shift at work, the way managers provide feedback is also changing.