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Updated 04/04/2017

   The Internet was conceived to threats of a nuclear attack against
   US Military bases and sever communications due to the existing
   network design. A new network that could find the way the way
   to the delivery point solved this risk.

   The Defense Advanced Projects Research Agency began guilding
   this network technology. One little problem: it was presumed only
   authorized people who get access and not all of the world. OOPS!

    Internet Privacy 2016 - What You Need to Know  |  Linkedin, Shelly Palmer                            04/02/2017
    There has never been a reasonable expectation of online privacy, and
    there never will be. Regardless of what you may have recently heard
    about joint resolutions or nullifications, nothing has changed. Internet
    Service Providers (ISPs) have always had the right to use your data as
    they see fit, within a few Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Federal
    Communications Commission (FCC) parameters. This has not changed.
    And you have given FANG (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google) the
    right to use your data as they see fit (with a few privacy policy exceptions
    and within the few aforementioned FTC and FCC parameters). So regarding
    online privacy, for all practical purposes, absolutely nothing has changed.