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Updated 03/22/2017

   Making more money is often the dream of
   many but all of the factors that make it
   possible are overlooked by the desire to have
   it all and have it now.

   The idea of having a "secret cash barrel" in the
   back room is fantasy.  Companies run on
   budgets which require good planning by
   multiple levels within the company.

   So the question is, how do you work at work
   to become part of the process to obtain the
   rewards and recognitions for good work, like
   a good increase in wages or your salary?  

     3 Best Times to Ask for a Raise  |  Forbes, Liz Ryan                                                                                03/20/2017
      I had my performance review two weeks ago. I asked my boss for a
      bigger-than-average pay raise and I got shot down.  
She said "You
      do a great job, Mickey, but we set our budgets for 2017 a long time
      ago. I didn't know you were looking for more than the average increase."
After our meeting, my boss talked to HR and they said they would look
      at my salary relative to the market, so that's good. It will take them a
      few weeks to do that. 
Our company has wide pay bands, so I doubt
      that I fall below the minimum pay for my job title. That's not the issue.
      It's that I do a lot of very responsible work that my co-workers don't do.