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Resume Visibility

Updated: 09/03/2016

  Call it visibility, traction or something else but applying for positions is sometimes
  more an act of faith than a regulated well defined universally consistent process.

  So may questions arise:
  • will this be scanned into an Applicant Tracking System?
    • will my Resume still be readable?
    • will my lines in the Resume create problems in reading my Resume?
    • will the colors I included be lost in the scan?
    • will the stored version be so jumbled no one can make sense of it?
    • will interviewers love me if I bring them a clean crisp copy of my Resume?
    • was my submission routed to Abekkistan before it reached the company?
  • will a human eventually see my work or is a digital demon of death vaporizing it?

  One part of the "Black Hole" is sometimes called the "Radio Silence"; the period of time   between submission to hearing something (sometimes anything) on your submission.
  This is a wild card as it varies by employer with their internal processes plus where         they are in the process of evaluating applicants.  Other "wild cards" in the possible           deck includes whether some, or some major areas, or all areas of planned hiring have     been placed on hold.  This can happen for any number reasons such as an anticipated     government regulatory and/or proposed tax rules, potential unfavorable outcomes of     Federal Elections, Executive Orders, pending State, Federal or Supreme Court decisions,   regulatory, legislative or judicial actions by foreign countries, new treaty constraints,       non-public matters of the company, mid-term to long range concerns over the               economy, or unexpected changes in agreements with customers, partners or other         factors.


   Andrea Hough authored a great piece titled "
Five Tips for Surviving the Recruitment
   Black Hole
".  Some of you may remember is one of our former Moderators at Hope
   Church Memphis  for The CT Groups.  We thank her again for the great service she
   provided to so many over her seven years of volunteerism.
  Her 25 years of Human Resources have provided her a great vantage point and this
  article supports that.  We thank her for her contributions she made while with us and
  her continuing contributions through articles such as this.  For many, this article is
  from the vantage point of the Recruiter and what they go through to find the chosen

Five Tips for Surviving the Recruitment Black Hole
by Andrea Hough, VP of Enterprise Talent Acquisition at TD

  In her five tips, Andrea offers the following (as summarized by us):

1.  Be the change you want to see in the world
                -  Apply only to jobs you are qualified for
                -  Does you background TRULY fit the job description?
                -  If the alignment is not close, it's a waste of time for everyone

        2.  Keep it simple, sunshine
                -  Make it easy for recruiters to see you are the perfect fit
                      -  highlight your core skills at the top of yoru resume
                      -  include your core skills in your cover letter (yes, use a cover letter)
                -  Make recruiters happy: save them time seeing you ARE the one

         3.  Primp your Profile
                -  Have a Mission Statement and detailed Job History on your LinkedIn Profile
                -  Get written recommendations on LinkedIn from current and former
                    managers, colleagues and your direct reports

                -  Look for a 1st of 2nd degree on connection for perfect job fits
                -  Reach out to these people AND MAKE IT SHORT AND TO THE POINT

         4.  Get the inside scoop
                -  Use Glassdoor for the inside story on what employees think of the company
                -  If not, don't apply and move on and make a better world for all

         5.  Talk to friends
                -  Word of mouth is the best way to identify a great company
                -  Ask your friends, ask about opportunities, check out their career portals
                -  If everything is good, ask your supporters to refer you internally which can
                    earn them potentially a cash reward and helps you break through the noise.
                    It also signals HR you understand the culture and know it's a great fit.