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Updated 05/09/2017

     New half decade, new unadvertised wants to see.  

     We get it.  You saved the World 4 times but now they
    want to see that in detail.  Why?  There are several
    reasons but seeing that you are a "Super Hero" makes
    their reads shorter and more exciting.

    So excite them with factual representations!

     How to Write Accomplishments On Your Resume  |, Kim Isaacs
     Many of us underestimate our achievements. We're often told not to boast, that modesty
     is the best policy. We show up to do our jobs every day and sometimes do great things—
     isn't that enough?
Well, not if you want your resume to get noticed. Employers look for examples of
     accomplishments to help them pinpoint achievers, candidates who go above and beyond
     their job duties. Your resume accomplishments allow you to describe your best wins so
     employers want to take a chance on you.