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Do's & Don'ts

Updated 06/21/2017

     One observation has been we are still doing what we
    have been doing because permission was not given to
    use any other Resume structure. Yet it is up to those
    seeking employment to know the changes made by
    those behind the locked doors without any notice or
    sharing of information.

    Perhaps this is an opportunity for SHRM on guidelines.
    Meanwhile, let's look at what others are sharing. 

     Grab Your Hiring Manager's Attention With Your Human-Voiced Resume
         |  Forbes, Liz Ryan                                                                                                                                                             01/15/2016    
     I understand when people say "I don't know how to write my resume. How do I talk about
It's hard to talk about yourself. You don't know how much to say and what to leave
     out. The old resume rules are changing fast, just to complicate your resume-writing or
     resume-updating task even more. 
Let's break it down and keep it simple. 
     Smart Job Seekers Break These Ten Resume-Writing Rules  |  Forbes, Liz Ryan           05/19/2017
     Why do job-seekers cling to the boring, inhuman resume style we have known for fifty years
     or more? 
It's because they have not received permission from the resume gods to change
     their resume's format. They think it would be improper or unprofessional to submit a resume
     with a human voice in it.