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Linkedin Recruiting

Updated 05/05/2017

     Here it is in blue and white on the
    Power of Linkedin, specifically with
    the difference in searching for
    active versus passive candidates.

    In short, this is from the view of a
    Recruiter ... stuff you should pay
    attention to.

                                                                                                            (Click to enlarge image)

     3 Things Recruiters Always Look for on Your LinkedIn Profile
       |, Dorianne St Fleur
     Let’s cut to the chase: If your profile isn’t telling hiring managers who you are, what
     you’re about, and how well you’ll do the job–you could be missing out on your next
     opportunity (and not even know it).
s an HR professional and career coach, I work with recruiters every single day, so I
     can give you an inside look at what needs to be on your LinkedIn profile if you want
     to get noticed.
     Although there’s no hard and fast rule that’ll guarantee you’ll get hired, there are at
     least three things your profile must have in order to up the odds you’ll get noticed.