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Skills & Endorsements

Updated 05/18/2017

   Showing you have skills
      is essential today on LinkedIn.

   People saying you are skilled ...

   References help employers determine if you're a good person to hire.  Endorsements
   help employers and others determine if you have the skills and talents to help them.
   This is why you must have your Skills in LinkedIn and encourage Recommendations.

         |, Anish Majumadar                                                                                                                                    05/26/2017
       Confession time: I HATE Applicant Tracking Systems. With a burning passion.  Why?
Because in the name of making things easier for companies by “pre-filtering out”
      unqualified candidates, the peddlers of ATS software have dehumanized the hiring
      process and sent a terrible message to job seekers: conform to the requirements of
      our machines, or risk being ignored. Does that sound like a great way to attract the
      best and brightest? 
Now to be fair, ATS software has grown more sophisticated in
      recent years, moving away from simply tallying up keywords on a resume to studying
      the context behind them. This means a drive towards substance, and that’s a very good
In this post, I’m going to show you how to communicate that substance in a way
      that works for these systems, and — here’s the tricky part — also works when a hiring
      manager is reviewing it.