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Salary Actions

Updated: 04/27/2017

   As companies focus on their bottom
   line, salaries are a high expense.
   Costs generally increase but sales is
   concerned about their commissions.
   This may be one of the key reasons
   why so many are driven to quietly
   seek a new position or promotion in
   or outside of a company.

9 Reasons Why You Didn’t Get a Raise  |, Emily Moore                                      04/25/2017
It’s as dependable as spring flowers starting to sprout from the ground, or the annual
NBA playoffs.  Performance review season rolls around, and if you did a good enough
job, you get a raise — right?  Not so fast: “In today’s tight economy, companies and
managers are having to make tough decisions about where and how to allocate rewards
like raises and promotions,” says Mikaela Kiner, Founder/CEO of UniquelyHR.  In other
words, raises are no longer a given — you can’t simply expect them after you’ve put in
X amount of time at your company.

     QUIZ:  Should You Ask For A Rise?  |, Julia Malacoff                                         10/14/2016