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Security Clearance

Updated 09/22/2016

   Some positions may require a Federal Security
  Clearance as an employee or contractor.  This
  is not something that is easy to start, easy to
  submit or quick to complete.  If you do not need
  one they are difficult to obtain.  If you need one
  but do not have one you may not be hired.
  Fortunately, the time to complete is better.  
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  Handling non-public materials of the Federal Government necessitates they will not
  be published by the New York Times, or Uncle Freddy's House of Horrors web page.
  As seen recently, stolen documents placed into the public domain can and have put
  people's lives at risk including those of family members.

  Companies often need these positions filled ASAP thus lean heavily towards those who
  have existing active clearances.  Part of the reason is the processes lengthy time to
  complete.  As discussed below, the time required for the applicant to complete the
  detailed paperwork, submit it for processing, for the many interviews and
  investigations/background checks, is expensive, labor intensive and time consuming.

  Federal Security Clearances are performed by the FBI which is a good thing.
  The FBI does many other activities which are higher priorities.  Not so good for you.

  Most employer background check forms are a simple one-page document at most.
  The Federal form, at last look, was eighteen pages and in part starts asking for the
  name, phone number, e-mail address & street address of your Kindergarten teacher.
  There was no requirement to provide a certified Death Certificate but this is, in fact,
  very serious business.  You will need to identify people the FBI can interview about you
  and your relationship and experiences with them.  You need to insure they are "clean"
  in their background.

  In a quick note, time is not on your side.  Reluctance to complete detailed documents
  for a "deep dive" into your background, relationships, employment, political activities,
  and other aspects of your life is part of the effort to protect the country.

  With a shortage of FBI Agents and higher priorities, doing background checks is not a
  priority given to the FBI making it longer to get started.  It is a lengthy process to dive
  into all of your areas.  It is a lengthy process for the report to be processed to obtain
  a clearance.  You then have the challenge of being approved for the level of clearance
  that is required.  Fundamentally there is Secret, Top Secret and Classified with special
  classifications for Compartmentalized, and Eyes Only plus potentially others.

  Serving one's country is an honorable profession but it has roadblocks, challenges.

  You can potentially apply for a Security Clearance on your own but the cost is high if
  they will entertain your request.  As a general rule of thumb, if you do not hold a
  security clearance when you apply at the required level you will most likely not be a
  potential candidate.

  However, there is another side to all this.  Imagine being out for dinner or at a bar by
  yourself.  A very attractive member of the opposite sex asks to site by or with you and
  strikes up a conversation.  They are very delightful, fascinating and intelligent.  Then it
  hits you:  Is this person
(a) with a foreign intelligence operation starting a campaign to
  extract information from you,
(b) with a US intelligence operation to see if you could be
  enticed to reveal information, or
(c) someone you really want to know for a potential
  long term relationship.  
Your life has changed. 

  The following are sites shown online but use good judgment about trying to enter
  any information on yourself as you may initiate things you don't want any part of.
  Fortunately, there are many who find no humor in protecting our national security.

  e-QUIP Form - Online submission for Investigative Forms

  Information provided above may change at any time without notice due to the continually evolving
  demands and changing dynamics of protecting the American Homeland and we thank them all.