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Time to Leave?

Updated 02/23/2017

   Sometimes work is great; doing great things, learning
   great things, working with great people.  
Then some
   event or change comes and you are questioning
   whether this is the place to be.
 It may be policies
   changed, it could be a different management chain, it
   could be new people who are a factor, or it could be you
   have simply outgrown your position.

   Make a smart decision on your future and objectives.

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   There are many good reasons to quit your job. There are also times when it makes
   sense to keep it, even if it’s not on a long-term basis. If you can leave your current
   position on your terms, when you’re ready, the transition to new employment will be
   much smoother. Waiting also gives you the opportunity to think it through to be sure
   that the decision you’re making to resign is the right one.
   Sometimes, quitting isn’t the best thing to do. 

8 Ways to Get Hired After You Have Been Fired  |, Alison Doyle                                                08/11/2016
What can you do to help yourself get hired for a new job after you've been fired?  Getting
   fired is difficult for many reasons, and the stress of losing your job is often compounded
   by the fear that you will have difficulty securing another position. However, there are
   some measures you can take to minimize the consequences that a termination will have
   on your job search.

13 Signs It's Time to Quit Your Job  |, Alison Doyle                                                                        08/14/2016
   Everyone has a bad day at work now and then. You may furiously leave your office
   swearing you’ll put your two weeks notice in soon. But how do you know when you
   should give your job a second chance, or when it’s really time to quit?   

   Can You Get Fired for No Reason?  |, Alison Doyle                                                                        10/21/2016
   Does an employer need a reason to fire you? Is it legal to fire someone without good
   cause? What can you do if it happens to you?

   Can You Get Fired Without Notice?  |, Alison Doyle                                                                       01/27/2017
   When someone is unexpectedly fired without reason or without any notice, they often
   wonder if their employer had the legal right to do so. Unfortunately, the answer is yes
   in most cases.

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   Here's How to Tell When It's Time to Quit  |  Inc., Chris Dessi
By definition entrepreneurs are not quitters. We persevere, push through barriers and
   succeed. But the most successful know when it's time to quit.  
When I say quit, I don't
   mean throwing in the towel and giving up. That's not it at all. It's deciding to go a
   different direction.  
We can often get caught up in the well thought-out plan but
   sometimes, actually, often times, change is good. Those who can embrace the change are
   the ones who will achieve their goals.

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   You could have been talking about the worst job I ever had, which was running an
   HR department in Silicon Valley. Our shared experience is far from unique.

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   You have been, or are about to be, fired from your job.  Are you eligible for
   unemployment?  What happens if you have been wrongfully discharged?  What do
   you say in your cover letters and in job interviews? Here's what you need to know
   about employee rights when you are fired or otherwise terminated from employment.

   Why Great Employees Quit  |  Linkedin, Bernard Marr                                                                                                   02/26/2017
   Ever had an incredible employee, and thought, “This is the one!”  They were smart,
   engaged, driven, and seemed to really love the job.  You thought, “We’re going to
   be together forever!” You could really see yourself promoting this person,
   mentoring them, watching them climb the ranks in your company…
   And then one day, they quit.