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Transition Prep

Updated 08/04/2016


Perhaps the third most challenging component of a Career Transition is the preparation work; setting up to plan what you will be working towards and how you WILL achieve it.  While this may seem like an additional hardship, it is potentially the second most critical phase of a transition.  Getting S.A.R.A out of your mind, body and spirit is the most for with S.A.R.A. still within you, you cannot successfully move forward.

Components of Transition Prep
  1.  Business Cards
  2.  Elevator Pitch
  3.  Potential for Moving for Better Opportunities
  4.  Top 20 Companies You Want to Work At/For
       -  Would any potentially require moving
  5.  References
  6.  Resume
  7.  Top 20 Companies You Want to Work At
  8.  What Work Do You Want to Do Going Forward
  9.  Work History including Employers, Addresses, Job Title, Projects/Activities, etc.

  1.  Business Cards 

Business are part of the Business Culture when meeting or being introduced to others.  Planning is necessary to intelligent plan your cards to consider the service
the card can provide to you properly planned.

Business cards are an expense to you but the greatest expense is creating a bad design or ineffective layout then throwing the cards away.  Get ideas from others as to what they did and which they had done differently as many options are possible.

Here are items for some thought as many of these will be repeated on various items beyond your Business Card.  Consistency in your presentation of information avoids confusion with employers and promotes your name in a strong light.

Your Name
While so obvious, be consistent in how you present your name on all items
going forward:  using or not using your preferred name, e-mails, potentially    e-mail address, business cards, your Resumes, letters prepared, texts, official  employment documents, etc.  Consistency will make your transition and new    career easier and often better.

Your Address
Some advocate using only a City and State for privacy or security reasons until
you get into employment or security documents.

Your Telephones (Land line, Cell, IP, Satellite or other)
Cell phone numbers are sometimes omitted for privacy or security reasons      but this inhibits the ability for others to reach you during your transition or      afterwards.  Select a number that you can best and most reliably reached at.
Make sure you have a voice recording capability on each phone line given, that it is turned on, and the outgoing voice delivers a pleasant but clear request to 
"Please leave your name, a contact telephone number and the nature of
 your call and I will return your call as soon as possible.  Thank you."

You may love your children but callers may not.  You may enjoy the music or the comedy outgoing message you provide but others may not.  Don't damage a potential job opportunity before they hand up in anger or dislike for you.

Your Targeted Job Title
Guide the focus of your reader into the area of you goal.  If you have multiple
job titles you are looking for and are qualified, reflect those on unique items
to avoid confusion to your reader and mostly to the recruiting team.

Use a Professional e-mail address using your name
Never use "pet" names family members call you.  An e-mail address of
"" will NOT be seen as professional or from a serious candidate.  Ideally name your e-mail account the name you use on your Resume to help "burn" in your name and identity to all readers.  Do the same with your Resume, LinkedIn Account, Twitter and FaceBook accounts if you have ones.

Avoid any numbers that could be your year of birth or graduation
Age discrimination is illegal and it starts at age 40.  Don't create reasons to exclude you over something so very preventable.

NEVER EVER use your employer's e-mail service
Legally they may look at anything sent across their personal computers, tablets, phones, networks, servers, routers, mainframes, printers, print queues, etc., etc.

Avoid e-mail accounts requiring payments
Non-payment when money gets tight could devastate your job search efforts and success.  It is the same for University of College e-mail accounts that require annual dues to an alumni or other support organization.

Do not use an e-mail account from your Internet Service Provider
You may be forced to change providers one day and your e-mails and future e-mails are now at risk of impacting your job search.

ALWAYS READ and RETAIN the LEGAL DOCUMENTS for the Service your considering
These documents rarely protect you and always protect them including giving them, sometimes, the right to review and/or read your e-mail, to inspect for any reason the contents within your account, to not be liable for any disclosure of your information, etc., etc.  Some agreements prohibit giving any performance information on the providers systems or software.

Your LinkedIn URL will be sought and your Profile reviewed
First some perspective:  LinkedIn, for many consecutive years, continues to add 2 NEW MEMBERS EVERY SECOND, most are professionals, executives, and Recruiters.

This can be a very powerful marketing tool for your career or a fast way to "torpedo your future".  Keep it positive, keep it factual, keep it interesting, keep it free of off-color or inappropriate material.  As a reminder, 
you can change your LinkedIn URL to any legal URL allowed by LinkedIn which has NOT already been claimed by another LinkedIn Member.  Where possible use your name as you have it on your Resume, Business Cards, e-mail signature line, etc.  This is part of "burning your name" into people's mind.  A LinkedIn URL may contain upper and lower case characters, something which
many do not know.  Capitalize the appropriate letters for your name to help reinforce your name.  LinkedIn converts upper case letters to lower case letters which allows this to work and amazing those who don't know this very simple trick.  Plus it makes you appear a little more tech savvy than others!

FaceBook - Protect Yourself
FaceBook is often checked for insight into the "personal" you.  As a very casual and informal site, you want to insure what is visible reflects a good image on you as a suitable candidate, good promotion choice, potential leader.

Never allow anyone, other than yourself, to post items you have not reviewed and approved.  What was funny one night amoung close friends at an event may be misunderstood from a photo or note published showing or naming you.  Being photographed at a party wearing only a jumbo diaper with a large drink in your hand and a funny grin is often not viewed, outside of comedy club circles, as someone you want at or representing your company.  LOCK DOWN YOUR PAGE!

BLOGS - They will be found so keep them professional
Four really big things about blogs:
   1.  They have to be professional, relevant and tied to your work
   2.  They have to merit readers to return by offering them value
   3.  Check for errors including "spilling errrors" in your text
   4.  Always give credit where it is due or appropriate; this shows integrity

The focus is to further establish yourself as informed, having insight into the
challenges of your industry, and being recognized as an expert.  Keep it PG or G Rated so not to irritate those you need to attract or be viewed as a potential exposure/image risk to your next employer.

Note the word RELEVANT.  Avoid the traps of the month such as using this as a political or social forum that will divide your following.  Keep it professional and show it on your LinkedIn Profile, Tweet about your latest posting, share it on your LinkedIn Profile.  Unknown blogs are invisible; you need visibility!

Social Media Accounts (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, others)

Business Card Printers
You can create and print them on a good quality computer and printer on good quality card stock paper.  You can go to a local printer/copy store and
can order some.  A flexible and best deal found so far is   As a
Canadian company, currency conversion is in our favor.  Their web site allows you to use their web tool to design a custom business card including font styles, sizes, colors, and placement.  They support both front and back printing and can add images and special effects which add cost.

Making a Higher Value Business Card and More Effective
Many do not leverage the backside of a business card.  Put a note on the
front side of your card, perhaps using a curved arrow in a corner of the
card, saying "Turn Me Over".  On the back offer an incentive to help you find your next job.  Offer
"Dinner and a Movie for 2" to the person who finds and can help you get the job you want and accept.  Reward those who help you and you find more people are helping.  Use the rest of the space for really big Accomplishment Statements or other information of high value to employers.  Employers use a "bounty" to find employees,
why not put a "bounty" on getting you your dream job?


Your Targeted Job Title


Your Name
        It may seem