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Your Worth

Updated: 12/30/2016

 Assessing Your Worth to an Employer
 Each position has a salary or rate range.
 Most people target at or above the top.
 Why?  They haven't a clue besides want!
 Managers has to live within his budget.
 How will you position and prepare
for this opportunity?

  Have you actually negotiated your own salary before?  It is not for the faint of heart and
  can be a very reasonable discussion without throwing insults and trash at each other.
  Salary curves exist for each position and are very confidential.  Technology and loose
  lips have changed some of this IF you are willing to do some verbal and digital digging.

  Some web sites have offered salary ranges on-line by company, city and position, with
  most obtained from anonymous contributors.  This raises potential concerns in that:
do you quote a high salary to drive away job seekers after a lengthy process
          or flood their HR Department with massive numbers of unqualified resumes?
     2)  do you quote a low salary to drive away good candidates impacting the company?
     3)  do you simply not respond despite having information that you could share?

  Anonymous surveys provide little to no means to validate the provided information.
  Comparative data modeling has helped review reported salaries from companies by
  geographic and role to help statistically filter out questionable data and find presumed
  accurate salary ranges.  Generally positions are within plus or minus 5 to 7 percent
  of the mid-range with some going higher or lower.  These factors are often based on
  the industry, location and reputation of the company in how they value employees.

  For companies with multiple locations, the ability to cross compare salary ranges is
  easily achieved knowing the traditional bands placed on company roles and salary.
  This data can then be modeled against other companies in the area which may have
  direct influence on where a person seeks employment with.  It should be noted that
  while higher wages or salaries can be attractive they are only a portion of the total
  compensation when benefits, vacation, company perks, promotional growth and other
  factors are included.  This is why knowing a company from conversations within their
  current employees is an important step in getting an interview and assessing any offer
  made to you.

  One resource that has been available for years is which has a sizable
  collection of data provided by employees and potentially others by job title, location
  and employer.  Glassdoor does not charge for access or require paid memberships.
  They provide information from members on company culture, policies, perks, benefits
  and other items of interest to a good job seeker.  This also includes information on
  interviews and other items of potential value to an experienced job seeker.  

  I know job seekers who have found great value and success leveraging the value add brings and has brought for many years now.
  The ability to have
  presumed good data on salary and gain insight into the processes and comments
  given can take you from an applicant into a valued candidate if you have the right