Updated 02/07/2017

  Resume Mistakes: One could write many books!

  There are things you clearly don't in your resume, there
  are things if you think about it long enough you'll see it
  should not be in there and there are the things that you
  felt important and was no longer "fashionable" to those
  who review Resumes.   So what are can a person do?

  1.  Assume those reading don't want to be reading.
       These are often good people who drew the short
       straw or are the most junior person in the group.

  2.  Assume they have little to no expertise with the position they are trying to fill.
       Few can know the importance of all those weird terms and acronyms that you use
       as a matter of routine in your profession.  They want to know, but simply cannot.

  3.  Some years they want hardcore responsibilities on Resumes.  Other years they 
       want value statements, minimal responsibilities.  Other years, a coin flip occurs?
       It seems every 3-5 years something different caught people's eye and that was
       the new expectation for everyone to comply with.  

  The industry has few standards, no governing authority, no federal guidelines.  
  So how do you know you're doing the right thing?  How do you protect yourself?  

21 Words to NEVER Include in Your Resume Amy Elisa Jackson, Glassdoor.com                     02/03/2017