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FIRED Reasons

Updated 03/25/2017

   Terminations are not something companies
  should enjoy as it requires additional work
  to document the reasons and impacts.  Yet
  there are some who are less remorseful.

  Here are some of the reasons for termination.

  • Gossip
    Whether true or not, spreading "stories" about others, whether they are another
    employee, contractor, vendor or someone no one else knows, don't do it.  This
    activity builds a destructive culture of gossip where efforts and focus should be
    on dealing with the challenges before the employees.  These actions bring the
    diminishing of dignity or respect for an employee and such actions cannot be

  • Leading the After the Meeting Meeting
    Meetings are for resolving issues or concerns where other communications methods are not as effective. This requires all parties to address issues and
    matters where good decisions, agreements, and coordination can be made.  One
    who decides demeans these efforts outside of the meeting are a destructive
    force to the interests of the team and the company. These people should seek
    employment where such conduct is not unwelcomed.

  • That's not my job
    Small companies depend on people who can think fast, adapt quickly, work with
    changing priorities and take action. "All hands on deck" is business as usual.
    Everyone has a vested interest in the success of the company and everyone else.
    Declaring something is not a person's job degrades a cohesive team into a
    dysfunctional collection of individuals. Larger companies are often structured in
    small teams or business groups where the same principals apply.

  • Pre-Paid Dues Syndrome
    Some see prior accomplishments as having paid their "dues" for the right to be at a company. Their failure to realize everyone must contribute to maintain their "keep" is essential to the entire organization. Such mentality can spread causing others to sense if someone reduces their pace or participation, so can they resulting in an organization that no longer functions as needed. These people need to be let go.

  • It's all about Experience
    Having experience gets you a job, along with other factors.  Building that experience into better skills, enhanced performance, higher achievement is what keeps businesses moving forward. Your tenure is insignificant to your achievements if you have been a productive employee.  Personal wisdom, logic, and judgment must prevail regardless of experience or other qualities.

  • Pressure to Hold Others Back
    Those who perform well should be recognized not pressured by others to "slow down" or "don't make the rest of us look bad."  Good employees do not compare themselves with others.  Achievement for good employees is improving and doing better at every opportunity. Low-performance individuals do not share in this drive for improvement. This attitude impacts others and should not be part of a team.

  • Credit Grabber
    A good employee and their team share the glory and credit for good work done.
    Credit is shared for the collective effort. Those seeking the claim for "doing all the
    work" or "being the brainchild" is self-promotion in the wrong environment.  The resentment by those who know the true story can diminish an otherwise great team.  Those who engage in such negative practices are not beneficial to the team.

  • Under the Bus Players
    Things can and do go wrong.  In some groups, there will be someone who immediately jumps to direct fault no matter what happened. The team who pulls together to resolve the wrong is the successful team. A selfless team or person are not concerned about the placement of blame but are focused on corrective action.
    Being a team member is like marriage, for better or worse.  Those who seem to imply or openly blame others is in need of a new employer.



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