Privacy vs. Profits

Updated 00/00/2012

  Has the right to Privacy been lost for good? 

   Federal law prohibits asking questions pertaining to
   age from applications seeking employment. Yet the
   law does not prohibit companies from publishing
   that information on the Internet under the claims
   of "public records".

   Age discrimination is now reported to start at 40.

   And if these are truly public records, why is so
   much of this information just flat dead wrong?

   One gets concerned when a company providing "public records" information for a close family
   member report them as having lived in two cities in states that they never spent 10 seconds in
   even for personal or business travel?  While I know their parents were there, the person was
   not born for several years later.

   Government protects the access to "public records" yet private organizations represent data as
   "public records" which are impossible to be true. What other information is being provided as
   fact which is closer to fabricated in a flight of fantasy to potentially cast inaccurate presumptions
   about a person, their truthfulness or integrity?

   "Data Merchants" as a profession or industry needs to end, not just regulated.  Government
   agencies at all levels need to understand in this "information driven world", not all information
   they hold should be made available for public inspection. Law enforcement agencies have
   access to this data should situations merit for criminal or national defense requirements.
   The value brought to the few is not offset by the potential for harm to innocent people or the
   stampede for wealth at the expense and pain of innocent people. Some online "Data
   Merchants" make no representation for data integrity or accuracy yet present information as
   being from law enforcement agencies.