This section is divided into the following key areas:
  1. Links (shown below) to major web sites maintained by The CT Groups.

  2. Articles
    Published items that may benefit members with the experiences they may
    encounter during career transition.

  3. Assistance
    Listing of resources by key areas that can help address emergency needs or help stretch your budgets.
    Assistance may require certain needs qualifications.

  4. Mike's LinkedIn
    Links to help those unfamiliar with or new to LinkedIn.  If you are a professional (employed, unemployed, or under-employed), you need to get fully involved with LinkedIn.  The links will help you understand why. 

  5. Pick Up Lines
    Use these to get a date and you will be all alone.  Wisdom never ages, and this collection of quotes span current living recognized figures to around 400 BC from many professional areas.  Their statements of their own life, general observations and advice are highly relevant to the times we are all experiencing today.

  6. Volunteers
    Volunteers are always in need somewhere for Government and Non-Profit organizations and are an excellent way to be productive and network for your next job or even into a job with that organization!
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LinkedIn Profile: Michael Zurkammer I will accept invitations from members of The CT Groups. 
The CT Groups (Yahoo! Groups) A Yahoo! Group open to the public that provides distribution of The CT Groups Roster and other information as appropriate. 
The CT Groups - Memphis (LinkedIn) A LinkedIn Group open to members of The CT Groups in Memphis based on Yahoo! Groups. See our Roster in the Documents section at 
The CT Groups (LinkedIn) A LinkedIn Group open to members of The CT Groups based on Yahoo! Groups. See our Roster in the Documents section. See our Roster in the Documents section at 
Career transition groups in the United States List of career transition support (or other groups providing similar service) groups identified to or found by members of The CT Groups. CAUTION: Before joining any group insist on full disclosure of all financial, time, and personal involvement is required. Some are commercial or recruiter run operations. Do not assume all career transition groups are like The CT Groups. 
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