Updated 05/29/2017
   So often, an interview is focused on your experiences
   and skills. Yet your assignments will be in teams but no
   one asks about your experience working in teams. 
   The ability to successfully lead or make contributions of
   insight or perspective can make a good team into one of
   stellar proportions.  Talk about teams in your interview.

    Define - Teamwork  |
A simple word that is anything but simple. Read the article to understand the reason.

    Diagnosing the Need for Team Building  |  Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University
    Follow these instructions:
    To determine the extent to which teams should be built in your organization, complete the
    instrument below. Think of an organization in which you participate that produces a product
    or service. Select the 
appropriate answer with the organization in mind.
When you are finished answering all the questions, press the SCORE button at the bottom of
    the exercise to tabulate your score.
    Next, consult the scoring key in the Diagnosing the Need for Team Building Section of the
    answers page to see how the score was tabulated.

    Stages of Team Development  |
The article defines the four Team Stages Model and relationship to each other.

     Team Building In The Workplace
    Effective team building in the workplace relies on a counter-intuitive idea – you need to
    develop the individual. 

     Teamwork Concept
Developing a teamwork concept involves bringing together ideas and insights to inform
    and shape the concept. Here we explain the ideas which shaped the STAR team model,
    using three distinct strands of teamwork theory. 

    We don't need the best people, we need the best teams  |  Forbes, Greg Satell                09/05/2015
    In 1997, in a landmark article, McKinsey declared the war for talent. The firm argued that
    due to demographic shifts, recruiting the “best and the brightest” was even more important
    than “capital, strategy, or R&D.” The report was enormously influential and continues to affect
    how enterprises operate even today.
    Companies were urged to identify specific traits they were looking for, aggressively recruit
    and retain the very best performers and move quickly to weed out those who didn’t measure
    up. Some companies, such as General Electric, instituted a policy of stacked ranking, routinely
    firing the bottom 10% of their workers.
    Yet in a new book, Humans Are Underrated, longtime Fortune editor Geoff Colvin challenges
    this notion. As it turns out, what it takes to compete in today’s world is not the best individual
    performers, but the best teams. Having the “smartest guys in the room” won’t do you much
    good if they can’t work with others effectively. We need to rethink how we approach talent.

    Why Is Teamwork Important?  |
    Just as it’s one thing to join a team, but quite another to perform as a team member. To put
    it simply, teams don’t work without teamwork. On this page you’ll find 8 good reasons why
    teamwork is important.