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 7 Top Employment Resources for Veterans 


  7 Top Employment Resources for Veterans 
          Original article by Brande Plotnick,  Mon, 05 Dec 2016 9:33 AM
          2 additional resources added by The CT Groups

Getting into the workforce and advancing in a career is an important part of the transition into civilian society for any veteran. Preparing for new careers and landing that dream job can be a challenge but, fortunately, there are many resources that specialize in helping former military men and women.

1.  U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)
     According to the VA website, their Veterans Employment Center is an
     authoritative online resource for connecting veterans to meaningful civilian
     careers.  They can help
translate military experience and skills into civilian
     terms, help create resumes that stand out, and even help vets start their own

2.  Orion International
     The nation’s largest military career placement firm, Orion, specializes in job
     placement for NCOs, JMOs, and Enlisted Technicians.  Orion says it provides
     career counseling, resume and interview preparation, and job placement to
     veterans free of charge.  Their services are paid for by the companies hiring the

3.  VetJobs
     This is a leading military job board that prides itself in helping military men and
     women and their spouses find meaningful employment
.  The site boasts more
     than 200,000 online jobs and is free for veterans and their families.

4.  Joining Forces
     According to The White House’s website, Joining Forces is a comprehensive and
     multi-faceted program created by first lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden.
     The program works to expand employment opportunities for veterans by
     highlighting their
unique workforce potential, encouraging employers to create
     military-friendly workplaces, and reducing career-limiting licensing and
     credentialing barriers

     This division of the popular online job board is specifically geared
     towards veterans.  The website lists many services provided for vets including
     resume-building tools, veteran career fairs, a military-friendly job database, and
a veteran career networking tool.  It also offers a skills translator to help military
     men and women effectively communicate their skills to civilian employers and
     human resources personnel.

6.  WIN (Workforce Investment Network)
     A government funded program to assist those in a career transition which
     includes returning members of the US Armed Forces and their adult dependants.
     General information:
     480 Beale Street, Memphis, TN  38103  -  901 363-7971

7.  The CT Groups
     A free Memphis area resource supporting those in a career transition to learn
     and understand the processes and steps to find your next job.  There are 16
     groups offering help within this network; attend ones of your convenience or
     preference.  Joining multiple groups provides a larger network to you and gives
     you a chance to hear the basic message from different voices to help build a
     stronger understanding.  There are approximately 2,700 people showing as
     members as of December 1, 2016

     You are welcomed to come and attend any or all groups.  If you would like to
     obtain free membership, simply provide the Group Moderator with your name,
     e-mail address, telephone number, and your desired employment field ... we
     don't need anything else.  You will be issued invitations via e-mail to join the
     on-line portion of the groups you elect to join which will provide you access to
     our free members only e-mail distribution service.     

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