Updated xx/xx/2016

 New Career Planning 

  With S.A.R.A out of your life, you should now be able to start thinking about what your
  next steps will be.  We can give you ideas for consideration but only you can arrive at
  the outcomes to guide you.  A job search can only be done by one person ... you as
  only you know what you want, what you need, what you like and what you don't like.

  You are at an interesting point in your life despite your emotions still going crazy.

  You potentially can:
       -  explore a totally new career in a new area in a new city or state
       -  you can explore non-profit organizations about careers there
       -  you can enter training potentially with government grants to build new skills
       -  you could relax if the funds exist to rethink your life
       -  you could start a new business you have always dreamed about

  A world of opportunities may exist for you and potentially be very good PROVIDED
  you think through each possibility of what will it take for each opportunity, do you
  have the resources to "go for it" and the determination to work hard to realize your
  objectives and dreams. 


       Retaining Your Experiences, Records and Creations 

               Before you do anything, do your future self a big favor by:

                  1.  moving all items on your PC from your job search into an folder called
                       "Job Search Archive".  What do you want stored in this folder?
                          -  All your notes on companies and people
                          -  Facts and dates about yourself and your jobs
                          -  Networking Contact List and history of their work to help you
                          -  Places you applied to, for what position, and the contact(s)
                          -  All versions of Resumes submitted

                         So why is this important?
                         These often can be "recycled" to begin a job search when you need it.
                         Saved time is saved money so treat it with great value and importance.
                         These should include all Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other documents.
                         You never know when you may need those exact documents or how you
                         can use them for a new document for a new need.

                   2.   Move e-mails into a single e-mail folder of all items sent or received
                         to leverage this information later if needed.  Especially those where you
                         accepted an offer of employment.  They may be needed later on.

                   The big message here is simple:  Leverage your investments already made
                   to leverage the investment again and again and again where possible!