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Factual Inaccuracies

  Issue 1:  Reportedly the status is the 11th most photographed items in the US.
                Problem is most don't realize it is an expensive pile of inaccuracies.

  Issue 2:  That ain't John!
he name “John Harvard” is written in stone on the statue’s base, the
                it ain't John Harvard.  There are no living representations of John Harvard.
                There are no known drawings or photographs of John Harvard made during
                his life.

  Issue 3:  John Harvard did not found Harvard University
                The statue proclaims John as the "Founder".  John Harvard did not attend a
He was the first major benefactor to the University in donating
                half of his estate and his library, which consisted of over 400 books.

                Who created Harvard?  H
arvard University was officially founded by a vote by
                the Great and General Court of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

  Issue 4:  Harvard University was founded in Cambridge, MA
                Not quite.  The University was founded in Harvard, MA and the University was
                Cambridge.  The University had an opportunity to receive a large grant but
                it required the University to change their name to Harvard.  Being Harvard
                University in Harvard, MA didn't set well so they City of Harvard changed
                their name to Cambridge, MA.

  Issue 5:  Harvard was Founded in 1638
                This is what can happen when you don't do your research.  It was 1636.
                Of course saying it was was 1636 makes it the oldest US University, a claim
                Harvard is proud of.

  Issue 6:  On the left and right sides are the emblem of Harvard University.  They are
                correct ... with one little exception.  The emblems are upside down.

  Issue 7:  The chair used was borrowed by the THEN President of Harvard University.
                There are no records of the chair used at that time.

  Issue 8:  John Harvard had a dog which was reportedly planned for the status.  What
                breed of dog is unknown so they borrowed the then President's dog for the
                original plans.  The dog didn't make the cut.