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Updated xx/xx/2017

 The driving force
 by which humans
 achieve their goals.

 Where is your list of goals
 for your job search plan?
 What must you achieve to
 reach those goals?  What
 approach are you using
 to drive your motivation?
 What is your plan to win?
  For many who are struggling, they lack two key things: a Plan and Motivation.
  The chart above helps you create the components for your motivation BUT you need to
  invest both time and effort to achieve your #1 Goal ... Back to work at a good job.

  You just want a job ... they are out there but may not need the requirements you need
  for financial achievement, healthcare protection, a potential for personal and
  professional?  Having "flipped burgers" is not spectacular job but it is the way a prior
  CEO of McDonald's started with the company.

  One goal is always getting yourself organized which can be challenging for some.