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War Planning

Updated 04/15/2017

    When going into battle NEVER go unprepared. 
   Advanced preparation for war, or your battle to find a
   job, have much in common. vBuild your "arsenal" with a
   variety of resources to defeat your competition and win
   employers with your "shock and awe" from your well
   prepared and executed new "Blitzkreig" ("Lightning War")
   effort to show your ability to act quickly and decisively.

   You want the position an employer has but competition will be challenging.
   You need a proven tactic to surround and overcome all threats to your goals.

   Initiate your War Planning with Defensive and Offensive Weapons Planning
   Remember:  Prior Planning Prevents Painfully Poor Performance (or something like that).

   Things you will need in your Arsenal to Overwhelm Your "Enemy":

      01:  Proof of Capabilities
                Having the muscle, means, methods and mental willingness to achieve objectives is a deterrent
                to those who would compete against you whether a job seeker, country or militant group.  This
                is in part, your Resume showing abilities, skills and successful results through achievements.
                Many can talk a good talk. Few can show the impact one person can bring to a company.  The
                company hires because they have a problem and need a problem solver who can step in, take
                charge and "git 'er dune".

      02:  Ability and Willingness to use Capabilities
                Some people talk a great talk but lack any credible evidence of their ability to "pull the trigger"
                in using a targeted approach, quickly resolve the challenges or threats to a company to restore
                peace and tranquility.  All the talent, tactics and tools are worthless if you won't use them.

      03:  Drive for Winning Results
                Few corporate battles are won with the first wave of action.  Showing drive and determination to
                hit objectives in a timely manner carries great importance to a company in trouble to bring
                pain to closure and restore order.  The "In it to win in" mentality is often respected.

      04:  Resources and Expertise to Win
                You may not know the condition or strength of your "troops" yet a well crafted Battle Plan to
                disarm and conquer the challenge ahead with credibility, conviction and confidence will
                empower your "troops", gain support from the Leadership and give cause from your opponents
                to rethink or suffer the consequences of their ill-advised actions.

   OK, how does a civilian without a big military budget work this approach?

       A:  Use Linkedin to promote your Capabilities, Abilities, and Willingness
               Prior performance predicts future performance.  Attach documents showing the incredible work
               you achieved despite limitations, constraints, politics, petty personal problems, and other factors
               that often inhibitors to or destroyers for success.  Be prepared discuss this in meetings as this
               makes you a "combat veteran" who's been there, had command and won the battle.  Companies
               have troops but not everyone will help lead the charge.  Show you have that "special stuff" within.

       B:  Include references to these actions in your Resume and other materials
            "Inquissima haec bellorum condicio est: prospera omnes sibi indicant, aduersa uni imputantur"
               was communicated by Tacitus, Aricola 27:1 (written about 98 AD) which is roughly translated:
               "This is an unfair thing about war: victory is claimed by all, failure to one alone."

              The words have changed over the centuries but still have the same meaning and taking credit for
              or passing responsibility for failure.  The good news is you gain new "best buds" with each victory
              but run the risk of holding the "bag" for failure.  Building success brings more supporters and
              volunteers to your causes from the safety of knowing if something goes wrong, you did it not
              them.  Such is the challenge of leadership, bold moves, and vision.  Look at the work of Thomas
              Edison in his many efforts to create the electric light bulb.  Somewhere between 1,000 and 10,000
              failures were realized and Edison was the focus of an attacking press.  Edison reminded them that
              these were not failures but learning events towards the ultimate objective.  Focus, determination
              and belief can overcome many roadblocks, unknowns and negative attitudes.  In the end, Edison
              was wealthy and remembered; little is known about the Reported.  Attacking people without
              sound foundations or the premature declaration of success will haunt careers.  History shows such.

      C:  Communicate with confidence, experience, and achievement but never brag
              People will seek out proven leaders, people of proven success and achievement as these are
              signs of leadership, talent, and abilities.  Those who use other methods of promoting abilities
              are often seen as "potential also-rans" in an error where proven achievement tops all else.
      D:  Present a clear, concise and consistent message everywhere for others
              Those who have success bring people towards them.  Those who often or consistently can show
              success are "rock stars".  Word will spread and employers or recruiters will come to find you.