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Block 1


  You lost your job and we're sorry that happened.
  You have a temporary job now ... finding a job.
  The pay is dismal but if you follow the outline and
  work it with focus and dedication you can become
  promoted to a paying job, possibly more than you
  ever made before, if you put your all into it.  Now
  is the time to look forward.


   Start thinking of what you are going to need to begin searching then interviewing
   for a new job and if that is the work you want to continue in.

You do NOT list references or anything about references on your resume.

This should be a seperate one page document you prepare to clearly present:
  -  Your name, full contact information and what you do
  -  Notation if you left the company to due company failure, merger or acquisition,
      change in ownership.  This helps explain why you are no longer there and
      sets the possibility for mergers or acquisitions, that their e-mail addresses may
      change over time.  It can be an advantage if you have their personal e-mail
      address to avoid such risks.
  -  At least 5 people who have agreed to recommend you (never take risks
      with someone who is soft or waivering) and include:
        -  their name and job title when you worked with them or knew them
        -  contact information (telephone, e-mail)
        -  your relationship to them: my direct manager, my senior lead, etc.
        -  time spent under them or knowing them
      Some employers want two, some three.  Having 5 gives you the ability to have
      protection should one become unreachable, the employer wants to hear from
      more references, or they find a reference as being unacceptable.
  -  Indicate the information is CONFIDENTIAL and not to be used for any purpose
      other than as a reference of employment
  Always notify your references about providing their contact information to a
  particular company by name so they will be prepared on what they will say.  If a
  reference hesitates in making the reference, bad images come to people's mind.