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  • Younger Managers
    -  more likely to look down on older workers, less knowledge, less energy
    -  strong negative bias towards older workers - some exceptions
    -  show you can take directions
    -  show you know software and system being used
    -  show ability to learn, hobbies
    -  activities dispell perception of too old to do anything
    -  irony; some younger managers are not engaged showing their own critical weaknesses
    -  again, generalities
  • Showing you want the work and can contribute from significant experience not taught in college
    -  be the solution to their needed solutions
  • Always show the smile, indication of energy
  • Use networking ... they know you have "the stuff"
    -  Volunteer in the real world ... showcases ability to conquer new worlds
    -  Can apply knowledge into different domains and environments 
    -  Keep Resume at 2 pages max - younger managers don't want to read
    -  Showcase accomplishments aligned to Job Requirements
    -  Separate document to highlight special unique strengths
  • Abandon dates - they will only be used against you - yes biased and unfair but reality
  • Showcase ability to quickly learn from company and bring insight to what they are doing
    -  Ability to flag areas that will potentially create problems down the road
    -  Insight into constraints they are creating for themselves without knowing it
    -  You have seen and done things they may not encounter over the next 5 years

  • Experience Brings Success
    -  Reasons wanting position:  Commute, travel, new challenges and opportunities to conquer