This is the entry point for new segments being built for TheCTGroups.org
   to provide a better organization for the membership.

   Over time, this will expand out and replace or include the existing items
   from the original webpages.  "ZLABS" is a transition name that is not
   expected to move forward with the enhanced areas.

   A career transition is a challenging, difficult, and highly emotional period
   in life that may be experienced multiple times. Thus sections within this
   site may move from one place to another where it can provide greater
   value or make better use of the Job Seeker's time, energies and resources.

   Some sections will be "outside" of the structure currently tagged ZLABS to
   those new or unfamiliar with The CT Groups to find key information from
   which to assess the potential value to them and their job search, or for
   value to others in need or just getting started in The CT Groups.

   You can see the current subpages within ZLABS below.