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Updated 08/25/2017

  The Civil Rights Legislation protects Americans from Age
  Discrimination.  The Equal Opportunity Employment
  Commission is charged with the enforcement.

  As one person advocated ...
  "If you can't drain the swamp,
   flood the swamp and drown the rats."

  The youngest member in the US Senate is over 40.
  Age discrimination begins at age 40.
  A job postings in a Southern State has, as a requirement:
Prefers someone experienced but not elderly"
    Dictionary.com defines "elderly" as:
  1. (of a person) old or aging.
    "she was elderly and silver-haired"
    synonyms:agedold, advanced in years, aging, long in the tooth, past one's prime; 
    gray-haired, grizzledhoary
    in one's dotage, decrepit, doddering, doddery, senescent; 
    informalgetting on, past it, over the hill, no spring chicken
    "her elderly mother"
    old people, the aged, senior citizens;
    geriatrics, seniors;
    retired people, retirees, golden agers;
    informaloldsters, geezers
    "health care for the elderly"
    • (of a machine or similar object) showing signs of age.
      "a couple of elderly cars"

    One employer is reported to provide a mandatory check box whether you are
    younger than 40 or older than 40

    One employer will not allow you to submit your information for consideration
    until you provide your Date of Birth.

    One employer gave an interview which was followed up with an e-mail to complete
    a form for a Background Check which includes Date of Birth. While this person has
    a pristine record, apparently no background check was made or job offer extended.

    Google and Bing name searches are or were provide the age of people from certain
    "public records" web sites removing the "fingerprints" of an employer seeking to
    determine age. Occurrences are fewer but not zero.

    One member was asked about his visits to Doctors and if there were any major
    medical issues in his family by a prospective employer.


   It is unfortunate many do not know their US Senators or Member of the House
   representing them.  IF you know your ZIP Code and State, this can help you!


   Don't Hire the Old Guy!  |  LinkedIn, Nick Hughes                                                                                              08/18/2017
   Perhaps I am just getting a bit older, but the IT industry seems to be more of a game for
   younger people these days. Although, to be fair, Police Officers are looking younger all
   the time too. But within IT especially there does seem to be more focus on younger,
   fresher talent. This was brought into sharp focus recently when I met with a manager at
   a consulting company. They were thinking of putting me into a bank, but the manager
   was concerned that my extensive and long experience might be a little intimidating for
   that client manager. The manager also seemed a little nervous and said that I had a lot
   more experience than he did himself and that he hoped he did not ask any unproductive
   questions. This got me to thinking. Is there a perception for younger managers that hiring
   an older/more experienced contractor might jeopardize their own position? Or could older
   contractors be seen as not as innovative as their younger counterparts?