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But it has some merit ... that that darn witch is still flying around!

   000 You Start Here                       Everyone should start here. If you don't you'll know why later.

       000 S.A.R.A.                             Everyone goes through S.A.R.A - read about it, understand it,
                                                       accept it. This is a necessary part of transition so let it help you.

       001 SECURITY                          This major section covers a large area to help protect you and your
                                                       computer and identity.
                                                         1. Learn how easy it is to spot suspicious e-mail
                                                         2. Learn the tattle tale signs of a malicious e-mail sent to you
                                                         3. Learn the tattle tale signs of a financial scam
                                                         4. Understand what Phishing is about
                                                         5. Learn about Passwords, why they are critical and most importantly
                                                             how to create a password that's awesome in secure strength yet is
                                                             easy for you to remember.
                                                         6. Tips for your telephone security
                                                         7. Dealing with unwanted calls even when you are in a job search

       002 Household Records              In a job search you will have expenses and activities that are TAX
                                                         DEDUCTIBLE. While you may not be able to earn any or enough
                                                         money will in a job search you can at least document your ability
                                                         to take tax deductions for items you may never have thought about
                                                         or never needed to consider!

       002 Job Search Records              Job Search records (who you talked to, about what, what day and 
                                                         and time about what job at what business or company, what you
                                                         spent for supplies, use of your printer, computer, Internet Service,
                                                         Cell phone costs, surge protectors, additional work surfaces, more
                                                         Office Area storage, notepads, notebooks, ink pens.  Also log your
                                                         miles driven in what vehicle between what points on what day and
                                                         for what purpose.  Seeing a doctor or getting prescriptions is a
                                                         different deduction rate than going to interviews, buying office
                                                         supplies, meeting with people about potential employment, etc.

       003 Never Tell These                  1. Never talk about how bad a company was no matter how well
                                                              known the place is NOT to work at
                                                          2. Never talk about bad people at a company no how much of a
                                                              jerk they are.  It may all be true but it makes you look bad.
                                                          3. Don't talk about your age unless youre between 20 and 40.
                                                          4. Don't give out your dates for High School or College
                                                          5. Make sure Internet websites are not ratting you out on stuff
                                                              that is incorrect or deals with age or other factors
                                                          6. Don't talk about how old any children are ... don't discuss your
                                                              martial status or children
                                                          7. Don't talk about your last salary as this is a different job at a
                                                              different company ... you may take yourself out of contention
                                                              or signal how low you will go to get back to work versus getting
                                                              paid more if you worked for them!         

       004 Reference List                       A minimum of 3, potentially 5, never more than 10 people who will
                                                          put in writing what a good person you are. They may be asked for
                                                          a telephone call with the prospective employer. Have this list ready
                                                          to go but do not provide it until absolutely necessary as you do not
                                                          want these people to be hounded by every company, every HR
                                                          person and every Recruiter as you will burn your references.  include
                                                          a note about your professional relationship, what you did together
                                                          or as a manager-subordinate and their job title at what company.
                                                          Always alert these when they start talking about contacting these
                                                          people so they can get ready for the contact and refresh their
                                                          memories of work you did. Always ask they contact you when they
                                                          are contacted and who they work for. That helps you determine if
                                                          they are serious about you and where in the process they are at.

       010 Icebreakers                           You're going to be meeting and talking to many people you do not
                                                           know. Here are some techniques to "break the ice" with them to
                                                           open communications so you can have a productive and
                                                           meaningful meeting for whatever the purpose is.

       020 People Types                         Being able to spot what type a person is can be very helpful.
                                                           Knowing how to appeal to each type is powerful stuff.

       120 Building Skills Up                   Building Skills or knowing now to manage things and events that
                                                            you will encounter in a career transition or in your next job can be
                                                            very powerful. Use this section during your employment!

       100 Rebuilding You                       A job loss knocks people down, sometimes in a powerflow blow.
                                                            Here are things you can use to "rebuild" yourself to be stronger
                                                            and better prepared not just for the rest of your career transition
                                                            but for the rest of your life.

       200 Finding Opportunities             Only about 20% of all jobs are ever posted. Your digging through
                                                             the job boards and company websites ... the numbers are NOT IN
                                                             your favor. Here we will discuss where to look, getting what you
                                                             need to get going, and how to approach those who can help you.
                                                             But it takes time, it takes planning and it does not happen quick.
                                                             So suck it up, get in there, and master the process so you can win!

       250 Plan-Research                         Planning is a core component of any initiative IF you want to WIN.
                                                             Research is gaining intelligence. Or do you want to go back to a
                                                             place that is worse than the one you just left or it is on the verge
                                                             of laying people off but you can't see that ... at least not yet.

       300 Sales Collateral                        You're in a job search so you are now a Sales Rep of the greatest
                                                             opportunity for employers to get ... YOU!  Build your marketing
                                                             materials to begin selling the product YOU! and understand HOW
                                                             you sell yourself.  Telling people "Ya wanna buy me" just ain't it.

       400 Becoming Visible                     Your Planning and Research helped guide your Sales Collateral
                                                             to sell yourself so now is the time to get on the "radar" of places
                                                             you want to work at IF YOU HAVE NOT ALREADY STARTED THIS.

       500 Interviews                                When it's all coming together you get Interviews. Someone wants
                                                              to check you out for one of their positions.  It is no mistake that
                                                             this is the longest most involved section because it is so complex
                                                             because nothing in the process is uniform or standardized.  Go in
                                                             prepared knowing you, the company, the position and ideally the
                                                             people you will interview with. Knowledge IS POWER so learn
                                                             as much as you can before meeting and talking to these people.

                                                             There are subsections for addressing some common concerns
                                                             interviewers have but rarely ask about, thanking those you spoke
                                                             with and the Thank You cards. We also touch on what to do if
                                                             you are NOT OFFERED the position. People have lost the position
                                                             yet later offered the job so NEVER stop positioning yourself and
                                                             always leave them impressed with you.  You never know!

        800 Offer-Negotiation                  For many you will accept what they offer just to end the madness
                                                             of a job search. Some may need to negotiate as companies would
                                                             like to have extra money in their budget and you will be a big part
                                                             of their new expenses. It is all about how much they need you.

        830 Pre-Employment                    If you have a clean background, the one area you want to focus on
                                                            first is the I-9 Documentation as this pertains to documenting you
                                                            are a US Citizen eligible for employment in the United States. Some
                                                            of the requirements could take considerable time if you do not
                                                            have them in the form and condition required.
IF you have an
                                                            ORIGINAL copy of your Birth Certificate that includes a signature,
                                                            an ORIGINAL Social Security Card that is readable and HAS NOT
                                                            BEEN LAMINATED and your have a valid current Drivers License for
                                                            your State ... you are good to go on your documents.
There are
                                                            other options you can consider but obtaining Birth Certificate or
                                                            a Social Security Card can take several weeks. The rules are always
                                                            subject to change for national security concerns.

        860 Working Smarter                   This is a concept section still in concept.  Stay tuned in!

        900 WORKING                              Nirvana! But it's not over yet. Here will be things to help you get
                                                            started in your new job.  The only thing worse than a BAD PLAN is
                                                            NO PLAN!

        950 Departure                              Everything comes to an end which why we have so many different
                                                            sections we want to provide information for. This is about all the
                                                            different ways you can end a job excluding death which we may
                                                            need to add to help surviving family members and your planning.

        990 Retirement                            The Promised Land.  But before you get there you must do some
                                                            planning as how old you are, where your money is, what your
                                                            plans are and your health outlook all come into the calculations
                                                            you need to examine. Mess these up and it can cost you thousands
                                                            of dollars to the Tax Man.

               RETIREMENT PLAN                 If you have one with your employer, start looking at the program
                                                            at least two years in advance so you can review it in detail and
                                                            examine what options are there, if you will encounter any early
                                                            distributions impacts OR if you can delay it by one year or more
                                                            how much will that increase your annual retirement payments by.

               SOCIAL SECURITY                  The Tax Man is waiting for you to make mistakes here that can
                                                            cost you a lot of money. Understand the rules of when you sign
                                                            sign up, if your spouse should do it first or you, when you want
                                                            to start drawing (or delay it for potential higher payments), etc.
                                                            Draw Social Security while you are still working and you will hurt.
                                                            And be alert to changing laws on everything with Social Security.

        9999 Holding Pen                        Ok, it's a poor name butt here is what you need to think about.
                                                            What do you want to do for the rest of your life, how do you
                                                            believe your health will be, do you need the big house or is a
                                                            smaller house in a good area your smarter bet for easy of access,
                                                            ability to clean and maintain the house, access to doctors and
                                                            hospitals, stores, restaurants, solid Police protection, great Fire
                                                            Department and Ambulance Service, etc., etc., etc.

                                                            Understand, while it may be a dream, you will not be able to go
                                                            golfing every day.  Is there a charitable organization you will
                                                            like to volunteer at to keep you and your mind busy?  Think of
                                                            your options as part of your Retirement Planning and also go
                                                            visit these places to see if it fits your dream or it turns you off.